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In order to expedite your Service, please make sure to have your
Maintenance for Life booklet (sent post-purchase) with you upon your
arrival at Jim Click Hyundai. Our goal is to make your visit go as
smoothly as possible.

If you do not have your booklet, or need to replace your booklet,
please call


YOU (Vehicle Owner) are entitled to lube, oil and filter changes and tire rotations in accordance to the manufacturer's 'Normal use / less severe use' service interval recommendation listed in the owner's manual.

Terms and Conditions

  • AGREEMENT period - The program begins on the Agreement Date and mileage listed above.
  • OUR Responsibilities - WE agree to perform MFL services, as defined below to the vehicle listed above.
  • YOUR Responsibilities - YOU agree to have all MFL services performed at a Tuttle-Click Automotive dealership. YOU agree to have each MFL service performed within 500 miles (+ or -) of the scheduled service interval. YOU must presentYOUR AGREEMENT and booklet to receive any MFL service.
  • Transfer - This AGREEMENT may not be transferred or assigned. However, in the event of YOUR death, the benefits herein will be available to YOUR spouse.

Maintenance For Life (MFL) Services:

  • Service - Change engine oil...,.. Change engine oil filter; Rotate tires (excludes dual rear wheels); Lubricate front suspension (where applicable); Lubricate steering linkage (where applicable); Inspect constant velocity boots (CV boots) (where applicable); Lubricate ball joints (where applicable); Inspect EGR valve and hoses; Inspect visible belts; Inspect visible hoses; Check tire pressure and condition; refill windshield washer reservoir; Inspect brake master fluid level and condition; Check power steering fluid level; Check transmission fluid level and condition (where serviceable); Check headlamp, tum signal, and brake lamp operation; Check parking brake operation; Inspect the battery; Inspect the engine air filter; Check the exhaust system; Inspect windshield wiper blades.
  • Guidelines - Each service must be performed within 500 miles (+ or -) of the scheduled service interval. The MFL services are available only to YOU and the VEHICLE listed above. These services are available only through a Tuttle-Click Automotive dealership. YOU must present YOUR AGREEMENT and booklet to YOUR service advisor.

What is Not Covered

  • Any MFL services not performed by a Tuttle-Click Automotive dealership.
  • Any additional costs for services not covered by this AGREEMENT.
  • Any mechanical breakdown or failure of YOUR VEHICLE.
  • Any additional maintenance services that may be required or suggested by the manufacturer or US.
  • Any manufacturer's alternative schedule, typically referred to, but not limited to as extreme, more severe or special operating conditions.